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Spire.PDF for .NET Guide

What is the Content in Download?

This download package contains four huge folders and one FIQ file. They are:

  • Bin: provides Spire.Pdf dll, Spire.License.dll and Spire.Pdf.XML on .NET 2.0 and above.
  • Demos: offers C Sharp, VB.NET demos on Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010; all the files and images used in the demo projects; effect of all the demo projects.
  • Help: shows Spire.Pdf API
  • Icons: All the Icons used in projects
  • license.rtf.fiq: End User License Agreement

Where to Download and How to Install?

You can download the latest version of Spire.PDF for .NET here. The hotfix version is only applied when you install the related version. After downloading, you can install it on your system whatever your OS is. For old users who have installed the old version and want to install a new one, except Spire.Pdf dll, all the contents will overlap the old one.

How to Run Demos in Projects?

As there are many projects in the pack, when you run a certain project by pressing “F5” or clicking “Debug”, please make sure that you has set this project to be the StartUp Project since the default project is the first project.

If you want to create a new project by your own, you remember to add Spire.Pdf dll and Spire.License.dll as your reference.

Why and How to Choose Subscription?

Even Spire.PDF for .NET is a commercial application, you can have a free trial of it without time limitation. Without license, there will be a red evaluation warning in your target file if you use it. To avoid this evaluation warning, you need to subscribe a license.

Here you can see how to choose a subscription.

How to Apply a License?

Spire.PDF for NET license is an xml file which is entitled by e-iceblue company. In the license shows the detail information such as available date, product name and version etc. See more in Licensing.

How to do When Encounter Problems?

E-iceblue always put the customer needs in the first place. We give customers whole right to review the product and consistently to improve it according to customer feel. For all our product users (with license or not), we provide free technical support. You can see here:

  • One Year Free Update and Free Prior Technology Support
  • One business day Guaranty e-mail Response
  • One Business day Guaranty forum questions Reply
  • 14-day Money Back Guaranty
  • Free Customized Service for OEM users
  • 30-day of Free License for Trial

Details in E-iceblue Service

Any Other Service?

Email Service

Forum Support

Unconditional Money Back

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